Palmanova is a "star"-shaped fortress or trace italienne and a fortified town dating back to renaissance eras. The fortress has venetian type bastions and french fortifications. Another very interesting fact... Palmanova


Cividale is an antique city which appeared for the first time as Forum Iulii in year 50 BC, founded by Julius Caesar. Later, Cividale became Capital of the first Lombard... Cividale


Aquileia has antique origins, since roman times. Evidence of its antiquity are the Patriarch Basilica and numerous archeological discoveries. Visiting the Basilica of Aquileia will make a tourist discover an... Aquileia

San Daniele

San Daniele is a small town belonging to the Province of Udine, being famous for producing Prosciutto Crudo di San Daniele (Italian for raw salt-cured ham, produced in San Daniele).... San Daniele


Udine represents the centre of Friuli Region. Its medieval and venetian pas can be encountered everywhere in the city, in its piazzas (market squares), edifices and historical monuments. Piazza Libertà... Udine


The centre of Friuli Venezia Giulia Province, Trieste has medieval origins, being located between mountains and the Adriatic Sea. You can visit historical edifices as the Roman Basilica, the fortress,... Trieste


Unique, romantic and unforgettable city on water, Venice is very accessible by train, coach or by car from Lignano Sabbiadoro. The most important city of the northern Italian Region of... Venice

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