Nowadays name of Lignano comes from Latin word "lupignanum" meaning "place inhabited by wolves". In the past, Lignano was a small port of the greater marano Lagunare (Marano Lagoon) area. During roman times, Liganano was crossed by a road called Via Annia linking Aquileia and Concordia. According to some drawings from the XV Century, the surroundings of Lignano were consisting of sand dunes separated by several channels, a pine tree forest, some lagoon "lacustre" cottages , a fishermen shelter and a small church

Historic Lignano

In the Medieval Times, Lignano was under the authority of Patriarchy of Aquileia, later on being assigned to that of Gorizia. From year 1542, under the command of Patriarch Grimani, the village prospered being later fortified with defensive walls. After an offensive of the Venetians, its walls were destroyed and the village abandoned. Beginning with 1800 the area started to resurrect, new buildings being build and its population constantly increased. At the beginning of the XIX century, the first hotels of Lignano were build and the village became a famous resort at Adriatic Sea.

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